For more information on our cottages, please email us at manager@meandercottages.com.au or you can call us on 0417 097 429.

Generally people who are over 55 years of age and have retired from full time employment.

There are two and three bedroom cottages in 6 designs available with choice of single or double garage.

An initial entry priced called an Ingoing Contribution, Monthly Maintenance fee and Exit fees.

Nil – this is a considerable saving for residents.

We recognise that pets are an important part of our lives. Your well behaved pets are very welcome at Meander Cottages.

This is your new home. You can have family or friends stay over at your home. There are always the other residents to consider, of course. Just as you do not want your privacy upset; your guest will need to respect others.

You can participate as much or as little as you want. We believe we help to create a friendly, secure environment for our residents. We work with resident committees to keep the village running as smoothly as possible.

A “maintenance fee” is payable monthly direct debit to cover the cost of running the Village. In keeping with the resident funded concept, the Village community shares any day to day costs and management expenses.

The maintenance fee covers much more than just maintenance around the Village, for example it includes the following:
• Use of all on site facilities
• Building insurance on home and public liability insurance
• Local council rates, water and sewer rates
• Emergency Services levy, other government taxes (except Land Tax)
• Upkeep of gardens, lawns and landscaped areas (excluding rear yards)
• Any maintenance, inside or outside the villa by either the Village maintenance person or specialised tradespeople if required. E.g. electrician or plumber etc (excluding rear yard)
• Preventative maintenance is done throughout the year, such as servicing air conditioners, pest eradication etc where applicable
A share of cost of maintenance and repair of common areas and common buildings on the estate